Vari-Form provides award-winning
designs across a range of vehicle
types and structural applications.

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Vari-Form provides award-winning designs across a range of vehicle types and structural applications. Contact Us More Details
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For over 30 years, Vari-Form continues to create first-to-market, strong and efficient designs for our global customers. Contact Us More Details
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Mass reduction and crash performance demand the most from your design.
Let us help bring the latest high-strength and light-weight materials into your vehicle.
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We Lead

Vari-Form prides itself on being first to market on many hydroform applications. Close working relationships with our customers is key in development and launch of these applications.

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We Engineer

During part development, Vari-Form Engineers work closely with our partners to develop the highest performing, most cost effective hydroform structures in vehicles today. Efficient design leads to robust manufacturing.

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We Manufacture

Operating 21 hydroform presses, and many more post hydroforming cells, Vari-Form has vast experience in delivering high quality hydroform assemblies.

what is hydroforming?

The leader in automotive hydroforming

"Water is the driving force in nature"

- Leonardo da Vinci

We couldn’t agree more.

At Vari-Form, we use this “driving force” to create resilient, effective and lightweight structures for our customers.

Contact us concerning your next project and we will put water to work for you.

Thank you, and we are glad you are here.


Roof Structure

Roof Structure

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) added Roof Strength to the Top Safety Pick Criteria for 2009 Vari-Form Roof Rails offer...
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Chassis Cradles

Chassis Cradles

Acting as a foundation of the cradle assembly, Vari-Form Cradles offer...
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Front End Structures

Front End Structures

Used on trucks and small cars Vari-Form Front End Structures offer:...
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IP Beams

IP Beams

Excellent packing flexibility and improved NVH characteristics...
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Vari-Form’s Research and Development team is working on entire vehicle Space Frames offering...
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Integrated with a roof or as a standalone component, Vari-Form’s pillars offer...
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Cross Members

Cross Members

Providing body structure support, Vari-Form’s crossmembers offer...
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Vari-Form is headquartered in Strathroy, Ontario, Canada.

Vari-Form originated the concept and application of tubular hydroforming to body, chassis and other automotive structural parts.

Vari-Form is the industry leader in hydroforming, with more than 100 million parts produced to date.

Vari-Form Mfg. Corporate Headquarters
233 Lothian Ave.
Strathroy, Ontario, Canada
N7G 4J1

Dean Gericke
Director - Sales and Engineering
Cell: (586) 909-7525
Mike Hallam
Director - Operations
Cell: (519) 521-9503