Assembly And Value-Add

Assembly and Value-Added Operations

Vari-Form is not only a premier hydroform supplier, but also a state-of-the-art prototype, R&D and assembly facility. 

Save time, space and effort and let us combine tubes, stampings and other components into a module for ease of installation at your facility. 

In conjunction with your team, joints and welds are developed, tested and validated to your quality standards.

Prototype, Research and Development

Support your early validation builds with prototype components to establish fit and finish and functional testing needs.  Quick turnaround times and high-fidelity to production processes will reduce launch issues and identify any concerns well in advance of Job 1. Vari-Form uses a deep bench of engineering and design experience, with access to leading materials and techniques, to be first to market in many applications.  Our creative and bold thinking balances with practical methods to bring your idea to life and protect for manufacturing feasibility. rd


We offer a suite of other processes to complete your build. Whether it be end trimming, washing, laser cutting, part qualification or adhesive applications, allow us the opportunity to offer you custom features to streamline your supply chain. post-op


Collapsible blind fasteners, clinch nuts, cage nuts, studs and clip-on attachments are readily fitted into the hydroformed tubes to maximize connection strength and part function. Depending on the application, these can be custom installed or fully automated for efficiency. fasteners


Metal joining via fusion welding is a Vari-Form specialty. Consistent and reliable, a fully robotic weld cell can quickly assemble your module either by GMAW/MIG, projection, brazing or spot-welding processes. welding