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Vari-Form prides itself on its history of being on some of the largest volume vehicles in the world (Ford F-150, Dodge Ram) while still achieving single digit quality PPM’s.

Hydroforming Applications

Tube hydroforming is an excellent manufacturing solution where a closed section, load bearing, dimensionally stable structural member is needed.


Roof Structure

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) added Roof Strength to the Top Safety Pick Criteria for 2009 Vari-Form Roof Rails offer: 

  • Ability to not only exceed NHTSA requirements for rollover but also meet or exceed IIHS requirements 
  • Utilizing an array of materials including Advanced High Strength Steels or Aluminum, the hydroform tube becomes the primary structural element in the body side
  • Improved NVH, dimensional capability, strength
  • Optimized load path increases fatigue life as much as 20%
  • Reducing number of parts and simplifying assembly processes
  • More cost and mass efficient than Hot Stamping
  • Winner of Henry Ford Technology Award and
  • Winner of Chanute Prize for team innovation

Chassis Cradles

Acting as a foundation of the cradle assembly, Vari-Form Cradles offer:

  • Ability to radically change the tube cross section to enable packaging around powertrain and suspension
  • part consolidation of %15 or greater
  • Material can range from aluminum to advanced high strength steels to aid with mass reduction
  • True net forming where all geometric features including holes are formed in one die, in one operation

Front End Structures

Used on trucks and small cars Vari-Form Front End Structures offer:

  • Architecture that enables modular assembly for reduced labor costs
  • structure provides smooth load path into A-Pillar leaving the roof rail to manage front impact loads (small car only)
  • Provides back-up structure for the shock towers
  • Radiator cross beam tube improves front-end stiffness and sla load capability
  • Reduce the amount of spot welds resulting in more ppredictable modeling and smaller body shop footprint
  • Improved body shop first run capability 
  • Improved durability performance and increased structural rigidity
  • Improved dimensional performance allowing for better fit and finish
  • Segregates exterior Class A panels from vehicle primary structure resulting in lower service costs for body shop repairs
  • Winner of the Walter P. Chrysler technology award – First sheet metal award recipient

IP Beams

Vari-Form Hydroformed Instrument Panel Beams Offer:

  • Excellent packing flexibility
  • Improved NVH characteristics
  • Brackets attached to the hydroform tubes via welding or self tapping screws
  • Elimination of weld flanges reduce the incidence of wire chafing
  • Material Flexibility to reduce weight (Aluminum, HSLA, DP Steels)
  • Holes punched in hydroform die achieving high dimensional repeat-ability at low cost
  • When combined with Hydroplast(tm) , provides strength and a high level of integration

Frame & Cross Members

Vari-Form’s PSH process replaces conventional multi-piece welded frames with seamless one piece rails offering:

  • Frame Rails in various diameters and lengths up to 6in (152mm) and 182in (4622mm) respectively achieved in mass production to date
  • Hydroformed structure manages impact loads – tube can be tuned with crash initiators for optimal performance
  • Tubes can be profiled for optimum packaging and performance
  • Both front and rear rails offer excellent part consolidation options
  • Manufacturing flexibility – for example, steel and aluminum versions are produced using the same hydroform tooling
  • Frame contours maintain a more consistent thickness and strength
  • Hydroform frame rails give unprecedented stiffness resulting in dramatically improved ride and handling while reducing weight
  • Greater than 20% tooling savings achievable when compared to multi-stamped assemblies


Integrated with a roof or as a standalone component, Vari-Form’s pillars offer:

  • Excellent performance in roof crush and side impact
  • Reduced weight and cost compared to hot stamped alternatives
  • Architecture that enables modular assembly reducing body shop station count
  • Smaller packaging profile for improved styling
Cross Members

Cross Members

Providing body structure support, Vari-Form’s cross members offer:

  • Complex section changes for packaging
  • Cross section changes for packaging
  • Exceptional side impact load carrying capability
  • Increased performance and dimensional consistency over stampings and roil forms
  • Reduced tooling cost through part consolidation… less stamping and sub-assembly dies
  • Multiple parts consolidation in one tool for even further investment savings and greater throughput